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last updated 5th August 2019

Rebalance Pilate & Yoga is committed in ensuring the health and safety of all Employees, Contractors, members and guests. We place emphasis on safe working practices, accident prevention and hazard measures. Health and safety is the responsibility of everyone.


Management Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that health and safety procedures are integrated into all aspects of all work.

  • Communicating and educating all employees / contractors about health and safety issues.

  • Planning, developing and implementing an occupational health and safety team.

  • Formulating health and safety procedures and rules.

  • Carrying out risk assessments and appropriately dealing with any risks.

  • Investigating accidents and incidents of any nature and proactively ensuring the prevention and or repeat of any similar event occurring.

  • Employee / Contractors Responsibilities

  • To follow all health and safety procedures, policies and rules.

  • Participate in health and safety procedures and training

  • Report any accidents or incidents.

  • Work in a safe and healthy manner.

  • Ensure that the workplace adheres to the health and safety rules and that other Employees / Contractors are following correct procedures.


The management of Rebalance Pilates & Yoga will implement strategies in line with state OH&S legislation aimed at continuously improving the health and safety of the working environment. Information, Instruction and training will be provided to enable all personnel to carry out their responsibilities and effectively participate in the OH&S program.

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