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Terms & Conditions

For a suspension to be applied, your request needs to be : 

  - a minimum of 2 weeks and if additional time is required, requests to be in blocks of 2 weeks.

  - membership is up to date and no overdue fees. 

  - date to suspended is in advance, can not be backdated.


Client understands :

  - allow up to 7 days for processing 

  - it is their responsibility to contact the Studio to confirm that this request has been processed if notification not received.

  - no refunds for unapproved or undocumented requests or lack of attendance.

  - it is their responsibility to diarise the dates of their suspension and contact the Studio should an extension be required.

If you are within the minimum term of your contract then this will not reduce the total amount of full debits required under your membership. The time is added to your first term. 

I acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions of this application. 

Effective from 20th Jan, 2022.  

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